Roger Mayor

Unfinished Journey

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There are certain moments in life when you can’t help reflecting on your personal journey.
Roger Mayor Unfinished Journey

As I look back at the highs, the lows, and the many joys and surprising blessings that God has brought - through fellow musicians and singers and through the love of family and close friends - this journey continues to have deeper meaning and purpose for me as each day passes.

The tracks featured on this album are a kind of personal memoir, reflecting some of the hopes, expectations, dreams and disappointments that have shaped the journey through six decades.

As I write, despite a serious diagnosis of advanced cancer in 2011, the journey continues. Spared by the grace of God there are more challenges to face, more opportunities to serve, more love to give and more music to write.

These tracks are presented to you that they might lift up your eyes to a more distant horizon, to feel the inner voice of the Spirit of God, giving a deeper peace, an accepting quietness, an unexpected joy, and a hope in Jesus that will never fail.

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